Thousands of America's law enforcement officers are serving without body armor because their agencies cannot aford it.

American Armor is on a mission to change that.

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The mission of the American Armor Foundation is to assist America’s underfunded law enforcement agencies in their efforts to provide their officers with life-saving body armor.

Current conservative estimates place the number of U.S. LEOs working with body armor due to budget constraints at over 100,000.

ONE is unacceptable.

We’ve provided 35 ballistic vests to agencies in need since our first round of funding was released in September 2016, but MANY applications remain unfulfilled. Partner with us today and help us change that!

Agencies We’ve Helped:

Newberg (WI) Police Department

Woodbury (GA) Police Department

Be a Part of Our Success!

We’ve made a great impact in a short time and, with your help, we can do much more going forward!

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The American Armor Foundation
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My department is very small with a low budget to operate under…as the Chief of Police it worries me on a daily basis for the officers not to have body armor. Whatever you can do to help me and my officers would be greatly appreciated.

Georgia Grant Applicant

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