We all know someone who has an old car (or maybe several) sitting on their property collecting dust or rusting out. Maybe they run, maybe they don’t but they’re generally just sitting there.

Thanks to our new partnership with VDAC, those vehicles can be donated to us and we will turn them into the funding needed to purchase body armor for agencies in need!

• ANY Vehicle, ANY Condition!
• Fast, Free Pickup Virtually ANYWHERE in the U.S.!
• Get the Maximum Tax Incentive for the donation!
• Every vehicle helps us buy more body armor!

 Get your vehicle donation started today!

VDAC handles the entire vehicle donation process from pickup to sale to paperwork (this includes sending you a tax deduction document) on our behalf and sends us a check minus a small percentage to cover their costs. All you have to do to get the process started is visit our VDAC page and click the ‘Donate Now’ link.

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